William James Claridge


About Me

Since graduating from Falmouth University, William Claridge has maintained a grasp on the art industry and has continued to develop his knowledge and experience through internships and networking. He is currently working as Manager for Roys Art Fair as well as working on his own artistic practice.

Painting, Installation, Photography/video and performance are a few of the disciplines and mediums in which Claridge works freely in interpretation and experimentation. His biggest inspiration is travel and the poetics of everyday life. Throughout his time at Falmouth University, Claridge’s primary ambition was to create art that evoked a perceptive change in people. For the viewer to change their mind on a piece of work. To create an insight into ‘the everyday’ by presenting a montage of mundane events, to capture moments of raw life as it occurs and relay it back into a space. However recently Claridge has returned to abstract painting.

The recent series ‘Cultural Landscape’ explores his perspective from different cultural settings around Europe, Africa and India. All paintings in this series are inspiration taken from his travels and deliver an insight into an ever-changing landscape of form and colour. Each painting, although understood by the artist as a specific location, can be open to interpretation with its impressionist style. 

Claridge works in a range of styles and techniques, so an expectation of change is very present in his practice.

His current Instagram feed is constantly updating. See recent posts below.